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The charming and modern-traditional aesthetic was informed by Jessica’s extensive collection of antique furniture and lighting. One of her prized possessions, a patinated metal and butcher block console, anchors the kitchenette as an island. It’s paired with Shaker-style cabinets, a marble farmhouse sink, and aged brass hardware, all by DeVol. “The quality is incredible, and they’ve always been an inspiration for me,” Hana says. “To be able to use them was really special. They have a very English feel.”

One half of the expansive L-shaped counter is made of chocolate-hued wood, and the other is composed of unsealed soapstone. The latter natural surface was chosen for its durability, as it extends through the bifold window to create an al fresco bar and therefore must withstand the notoriously foggy Bay Area weather. “Soapstone is a material that just can survive anything,” Hana says.

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The adjacent living area is primed for parties with a comfortable Timothy Oulton sectional that’s big enough to seat a crowd. Its light blue linen upholstery intentionally enhances the Bess Friday Shanghai Fashion Week photograph that hangs above. “We thought it looked really complementary and just wanted something playful down here because it is supposed to be a fun, not precious area,” Hana reasons. “We didn’t want to go with a white sofa.”

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BEFORE: Before clearing the basement out, it felt quite cluttered.

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