These Are the Most Popular Home Renovations in Each State, According to Google Data


We trust Google to help us with pretty much everything. The world’s most popular search engine receives 40,000 queries every second, letting one of the world’s biggest tech companies collect a wealth of information about our hidden habits, deepest fears, and innermost desires.

Some recent data unearthed by Empire Today reveals how we’re using Google to start the process of renovating our homes. Through an analysis of Google Trends, which evaluates the relative popularity of certain search terms over time on a normalized 0–100 scale, the flooring company was able to determine the most popular type of home renovation project in each state.

The study yielded some interesting results. A majority of homeowners in 18 states plus Washington, D.C., were looking to renovate their living room, an idea that was most popular south of the Mason-Dixon line. Deck, patio, and porch projects weren’t far behind, with 14 states from Oregon to Maine looking to improve their outdoor cooking and entertaining setup. Kitchen remodeling was another noteworthy project type, as 11 states (most of them east of the Mississippi River) seemed most keen to make changes to their countertops and appliances.

While projects centering on communal spaces in the home proved relatively popular, only a handful of states searched for information about bedroom and bathroom remodeling most often. Tennessee, bless its heart, was the only state where making improvements or additions to “bonus rooms” or man caves won out. No word on how many times “how to hide from your wife and children” was Googled immediately beforehand.

This is hardly any sort of scientific study, but it does offer a unique glimpse at the state of America’s homes in 2017. Maybe after everyone gets a new Google Home for Christmas, there will be some more sophisticated (creepy?) data to analyze next year.

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